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He Likes The Darkness



Game Description

He Likes the Darkness is a platform game. Blue skies bring tears. Why waste your life underneath a sunny sky when you could cower away in the darkness? Run, jump, slide, dodge, and avoid everything from spikes to gaps, to other spikes, and even vortexes. If you want to avoid the sunny life then you're going to have to earn it. You can't just cower in peace, you'll need to jump over spikes, make a leap of faith over gaps, dodge throbbing spike balls, and attack a Qbert style pyramid in the shadow of the moon. The night time is the right time and you can only earn it by tackling a series of convoluted obstacles in a platformer style game.


Use the left or right and A and D buttons to move left or right. Use the up or W buttons to jump.

He Likes The Darkness Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateAug 15, 2019
DeveloperBuy Instant

11597 plays


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