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Galaxy Warriors



Game Description

Galaxy Warriors is an exhilarating space-themed vertical flight game. Join the fight against invaders as you fly across the starry sky. Shoot at other spaceships, aliens, and asteroids that are trying to stop you from getting to your destination. With everything you destroy, you’ll free coins that you must collect. With these coins, you can purchase upgrades. Upgrades include a defensive shield, stronger attacks for both front and side shooters, longer-lasting shooters and coin magnets. As you’re fighting against your enemy, avoid any debris and shots but fly towards boosts and coins. As you gain more coins and upgrades, you’ll be able to pass more and more waves beating out your own score every time. What are you waiting for? Join the fight to protect the galaxy in this online game.


To play this vertical flight game, use your finger or mouse to move the spaceship left or right. Use your coins to make purchases in the store to help you pass more waves. View your health and other stats at the top of the game. If you need to take a break, click on the pause button in the lower lefthand corner. From here, you have the option to either go back to the game or restart it.

Galaxy Warriors Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateSep 12, 2019

54397 plays


about 2 years ago

very fun but always laggy


almost 3 years ago

Halo pelican moment


almost 4 years ago

beautiful game


about 4 years ago

Can't quit playing.