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Endless Mouser



Game Description

Endless Mouser is a free endless game. Prove you have what it takes to outrun a crafty cat and dodge deadly obstacles in an endless cartoon platformer in  the most thrilling game of the year: “Endless Mouser!” In this epic adventure, you play as a daring mouse on a mission to outrun a cunning cat and navigate a treacherous landscape filled with cacti and pits. With each passing moment, the danger grows more intense, and it's up to you to use your quick reflexes and strategic thinking to stay alive. And if you do meet an untimely demise, fear not, my friends. In "Endless Mouser," every death is an opportunity for a new beginning. You'll have the opportunity to choose from 3 treasure chests filled with valuable upgrades, including increased speed, agility, and strength, to help you survive longer and outwit that pesky cat.
But make no mistake, gamer friends, this is no easy game. As you progress through the maze, the challenges will become tougher, and the stakes will get higher. The cat will become more cunning, the cacti will grow more numerous, and the pits will become deeper and more perilous. But with each victory, you'll gain more experience and become even more skilled until you're the undisputed master of the game. So come on, gamers, join the fun and see how long you'll survive in an endless cartoon world of "Endless mouser"! With its addictive gameplay, stunning graphics, and endlessly exciting challenges, this game will surely be a hit with players of all kinds.
So don't wait another moment, my friends. Start playing today. Who knows, you just might become the ultimate champion of the mice. 


On your mobile device or desktop computer please use the left mouse button to click and market he mouse jump. Or on mobile please use your finger to tap and jump.

Endless Mouser Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateMay 11, 2023

37 plays


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