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Enchanted Path



Game Description

Enchanted Path is a free platform game. You like puzzle games. You like platform games. You like combination puzzle platform games. Enchanted Path is the combination Puzzle and Platform game that you were always meant to play an to love. Use your keyboard to guide the player avatar across multiple levels of isometric madness. Collect all of the emeralds and don't fall off the edge. This is a game of kings, a game of queens, and a game for those who wish to rise above and find their way in the world. The art may be minimalistic and inspire a vague sense of retro-synth in you but the game itself is so much more than such a trite collection of references. You will have to use your head and think strategically as you act tactically in order to figure out the most optimal path to collecting the emeralds.

Welcome to the cave of wonders. Enjoy your time of the enchanted path. Collect as many emeralds as you can and perhaps you will see your name written in the stars.


Use the W,A,S,D or Arrow pads in order to navigate your character around the floating cubes and platforms. Your goal is to find all of the emeralds and make it to the exit point. Do so without falling off of the platform and you shall reap your glory.

Enchanted Path Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJun 18, 2020

12076 plays


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