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Cross That Road



Game Description

Cross That Road is a free avoider game. Welcome to the highway. In this avoider game, you are a cute little birdy who is trying to make their way back to the nest. You'll have to avoid trucks, rivers, and make sure you don't lock yourself into a dead end. This is a maze style avoider game where the screen is always moving and you can only go forward. You'll have to dodge cars and trucks on either side of you as you make your way to the lilypads and the bridges that will help you make it across the water and to your final destination. This game requires you to puzzle your way through an almost endless running style game where you can't turn back and there is danger on all sides. Behind you is the creeping push of the game borders itself. On either side, there are speeding cars and trucks you'll have to avoid, and in front of you, there are bricks, dead ends, and deadly water which you cannot fly over for unspecified reasons.  So, move fast but also move smart as you try to puzzle your way to your empty nest and get some much-needed rest.


Arrow Pad: Move forward, left, right, or backward. You are trying to avoid the speeding cars on either side, the rocks in front of you, and the disappearing game behind you. Watch out for dead ends and don't get wet!

Cross That Road Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateDec 3, 2020

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