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Color Cross



Game Description

Color Cross is a free platform style puzzle game. Black and red. Red and black. There are only two colors in this game but they are two colors that will surely rue your destiny. In Color Cross all you have to do is get from the start of the level to the exit flag. In order to traverse the level, you have to jump over perilous pits and land on floating platforms. The twist is that you can only land on a platform that is the same color as you and you'll switch colors when you jump. This means that the black platform in front of you will magically transform into a red platform and unless you have properly prepared for such an eventuality it will inevitably be your doom. This might mean you have to jump in place in order to convert the series of platforms to align with your current color. It might mean you don't land where you think you're supposed to land on that jump. It is indeed a puzzle. Color Cross is an elegant game that you will easily learn and understand in a few seconds but may well take the rest of your natural life to truly master. It is a challenging puzzle and an electrifying platformer. Step up and jump if you think you're ready to take the plunge.


Use the Keypad or W,A,S,D buttons in order to run and jump. When you jump the color of the platforms all around you will switch colors. You can only land on platforms of the same color.

Color Cross Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJan 30, 2020
DeveloperSheep Studios

22229 plays


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