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Game Description

Cognite is a free puzzle game.  Cognite is a game about a helpless alligator named Cognite that has been lost in a dream, and thus, Cognite will need your help to make it through these side-scrolling levels that are filled with puzzles, traps, and dangerous drops. Cognite is a side-scrolling puzzle game where you need to activate levers and pulleys in order to unlock doors and control elevators. It is your job to guide the little crocodile with some gentle pressure and a little direction. Do you have what it takes to figure out the mysteries behind each level? It is a game that will test the limits of your very sanity as you point, click, drag, pull, and liberate Cognite from his sleepy dungeon. Do not fear the reaper for in this game you can cheat death by unlocking doors, sliding panels, moving an elevator, and teleporting your favorite alligator through the harshest levels. each level gets more and more complex and you will have to work harder and harder in order to get cognite home. This is a complicated game but you will love it because it is also a fun game.


Use your mouse to click on in-game elements like ropes, pulleys, buttons, and levers in order to move cognite through the game.

Cognite Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJun 23, 2021

11472 plays


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