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Catch the Thief



Game Description

Catch the Thief is a platformer game. If you know what evil lurks in the hearts of men and what kind of foul fruit the weed of crimes might bear, then you will love Catch the Thief. This is a platformer game where you are a champion of justice, a crusading cop armed with only a freeze ray and your will to serve and protect. Track down robbers and then freeze them in their tracks. Use your super-jump skill to move from platform to platform and chase down these rotten robbers as they try to abscond with the hard-earned money of citizens everywhere. It isn't an easy job but it is a job that must be done. These mask-wearing baddies don't care about the conventions that make this a fair and just society so it's up to you to put a stop to their dastardly deeds the only way you know how: by jumping and shooting. Jump and shoot your freeze gun to deliver icy justice in this red hot platformer game.


Use the arrow pad to move your character left and right. Press the up arrow to super-jump from platform to platform. Use the spacebar to freeze the rotten robbers in their tracks and stop them from fleeing the scene.

Catch the Thief Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateSep 19, 2019
DeveloperNeon Games

20176 plays


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