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Game Description

Cat-Catapult is a free puzzle game. Launch yourself from one ball to another in this puzzlingly fun new cat-themed action game. Using the mystical power of physics, you will chart a course and execute it with purr-fection. Each level is filled with spikes and other assorted obstacles that will require you to use calculating logic to get through the level. Each level offers a new challenge and adds a different type of obstacle. This is a simple but fun game for cat lovers of all kinds. 


Click and hold to plot a course for the cat to jump. Your goal is to hit each dot and turn it white. Do not hit the spikes. Do not hit the walls. Do not hit other obstacles. While in the air, you can click to pause and have the cat make a second jump, thus allowing for more complex maneuvers.

Cata-Catapult Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJan 11, 2024

568 plays


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