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Game Description

The future is going to be interlocking units with specialized skills and militaristic intent. Your job will be to puzzle out the functions of those interlocking units and how to best synergize their different abilities. It isn't an easy job. It isn't a glamourous job and in a lot of ways it isn't a job at all --its the basis for the game you're currently playing. And that game is called 'Overhaul.' Is it cyberpunk, is it science fiction, is it a puzzle, is it an adventure game? Its sort of all of those things but also just kind of its own thing. It is a science fiction action strategy game where you must puzzle out the best tactics and the best strategy in order to assemble a cube of interlocking units which will obey your every command! Do it for glory, do it for the money, do it because alien invaders have arrived and someone needs to do something! Stop the obstacles and smash through their defenses! Use the sacred rule of three to power up and energize your various cubes and synchronize their abilities, synergize their potential and obliterate the invaders! The safety of the world is up to you and your ability to build a unit of interlocking, harmonious, robot murder machines. Can you do it? Do you even want to? It'z actually pretty fun!!!


Try it.


Please use your mouse to click on and through the various in-game menus which let you select differently powered cubes from a list of cubes and then assign them a function in your own custom superstructure. Activate combos, synergize your strategy and save the world!

Overhaul Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateAug 30, 2012

239617 plays


over 3 years ago



over 3 years ago

tip#2: put metal boxes in front of defense


over 3 years ago

super cool game!


over 3 years ago

pretty good, pretty weird


over 3 years ago

level 20 is even harder than 4


over 3 years ago

its finllaly load in


over 3 years ago

how do you put a shield on your boxes?


over 3 years ago

how can we save in this game ??

the killer555

over 3 years ago

dumb game dont wast time playing this


over 3 years ago

addicting, very fun