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Game Description

Jacksmith is a free strategy game. There’s nothing wrong with not being a fighter. Someone has to create what the fighters of the world use. That someone is the star blacksmith, Jacksmith. He and his furry apprentice, Scout, run a traveling blacksmith shopping, supplying items to all of the brave warriors out there who are far better at using them than they are. It’s up to you to help Jacksmith’s shoppe thrive, and to supply the fierce warriors who visit it with only the finest wares.


Each day, you’ll be visited by shoppers in search of specific item. Craft them, and craft them well, and then watch as they put them to use. The first thing you’ll need to do is craft. For swords, start by forging the metal, but be sure to pour the molten material slowly, or you’ll mess everything up. Then you have to hammer the metal, and then you’ll create the handle with precision. But you’re on the clock, so you have to be faster, as well as efficient. As you progress, you’ll learn how to craft various different types of items. Once you’ve crafted all the items, you’ll watch as they’re used. During this section of the game, you can pick up crafting materials and gems that you can use to buy better materials.

Jacksmith Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateDec 5, 2012
DeveloperFlipline Studios

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almost 5 years ago

your not real jack 0-O


almost 5 years ago



almost 5 years ago

wow level 28


almost 5 years ago

works fine on chrome

kiara 12

almost 5 years ago

when i i did only steel the battle went terrible!


almost 5 years ago

very very adicting


almost 5 years ago

very fun! but gets a bit repetitive.


almost 5 years ago

this was a really fun game

kiara 12

almost 5 years ago

this is like the papa's games.


almost 5 years ago

this is a really good