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Ski-King is a free racing game. Winter is coming and you know what that means: skiing. Some people hate snow, some people love snow, some people live their whole lives without ever seeing or touching snow and some don't have an opinion on snow one way or another. This is a game for the people who love winter sports, and endless racing. Imagine if you will an algorithmically generated downhill map of obstacles, ramps, trees, rocks, and flags that must be obeyed. A game where you only ever get faster and build up points to show off to your friends. Ski-King is an endless racer-style game where the screen is flipped and instead of forward, you're heading down, towards the player. It is an interesting twist on the endless racer genre and it offers up a few obstacles and opportunities for players of all skill levels. In this game, you'll have to pay attention to the flags to know which direction to turn in true slalom style. Avoid trees, rocks, the flags themselves, and cliffs as you hurtle downhill towards victory. Last longer than any of your friends and be the king of the hill.


On your mobile or desktop device use the left and right arrow keys or swipe left and right on your screen in order to control the skier. Follow the directions on the flags, avoid cliffs, avoid rocks, and avoid trees. there are other obstacles that will pop up and cool opportunities like ramps.

Ski King Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateOct 14, 2021

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