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Sniper Assassin 4



Game Description

Sniper Assassin 4 a free sniper game and is the fourth chapter in the bloody game series for Sniper Assassin. After killing the big boss who ordered the death of his wife, Shawn realized the killer who actually pulled the trigger is still out there. The identity of the true murderer is unclear and Shawn has no way of finding. Depressed and defeated, he retires and drinks his problems away. However, his friend and former partner convince him to get back into the game in hopes of finding clues to his wife’s death. In this online game, you play as Shawn in his venture to discover the true killer. In the meantime, you get paid to take out kidnappers, gangsters, and robbers as a secret assassin for the government. This is an online shooter game with an interesting and intricate backstory that will keep you hooked. Follow along with each mission in Shawn’s quest for revenge. 


To play Sniper Assassin 4, open a mission and read the description of your target. Accept it and then use your mouse to aim and left-click to shoot. Pay attention to the details of your target or targets so you don’t make a mistake in this online shooter game. If you fail the mission, you’ll get a chance to retry.

Sniper Assassin 4 Gameplay

Content RatingTeen Caution
Release DateNov 26, 2009
DeveloperUltimate Flash Game Archive

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you guys should try sniper assasin 5 final mission


over 4 years ago

yes!!!! i passed passerby


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xxxxx superb


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will i am the boss at this


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which one of yall an indian cause i am not


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whats the code after nocturnal


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whats the cheat so that I can skip Nocturnal


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what up my gun