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Only Seven Days



Game Description

Spend seven straight days in a cramped, noisy, stinky, dark metal room. Avoid becoming roasting toast. Collect coinage for your smackdowns and transform that extra cash into - wait for it - weapon upgrades! You do the driving, and we will take care of the aiming and auto-fire. Spacebar to hit the upgrade store any time.


mouse to move; fire is automatic. Spacebar for store.

Only Seven Days Gameplay

Content RatingTeen+
Release DateMar 1, 2010
DeveloperDemonte Maximiliano

127297 plays

Psyco Mike

over 3 years ago

yeah im number 11,162!


over 3 years ago

wohooooooooo :D


over 3 years ago

toooo hard i lost in 5 seconds!!!!

STG Blackly

over 3 years ago

this game is so stupid and dumb took me 5 minutes


over 3 years ago

this game is pretty fun just way to easy


over 3 years ago

score: 43625 :D beat that!


over 3 years ago

plus the controls are very simple


over 3 years ago

no complaints here


over 3 years ago

love it to bad im not first try fourth


over 3 years ago

good for you Saints135 i hate it too