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Game Description

Zombie Math is an educational game that mixes killing zombies with math! The zombie apocalypse has hit the nation and you must do everything possible to protect yourself and others. There are still humans running for their lives and you are helping in the fight against the undead. The only way to defeat them is to solve the math questions correctly. Make studying fun with this time-sensitive math game as you solve puzzles and destroy zombies. Get the option to practice a variety of skills from preschool to eighth grade. There is addition, multiplication, decimals, and algebra that you can choose from.


To play this math game, select your grade, and then select the skill you want to practice. Answer the math questions correctly to hit a zombie. However, if you answer wrong you will accidentally knock out a human. Hurt too many humans and you lose the level. Kill the right amount of zombies, and you advance to the next level. Find the number of zombies you need to kill in the left-hand corner noted by the zombie icon. The brain icon in the right-hand corner is the number of humans that can be shot before you lose the level.

Zombie Math Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateOct 29, 2020
DeveloperMath Games

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