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World Cruise



Game Description

World Cruise is a hidden object game based on different parts of the world. Venture through different tourist spots in the world with this fun puzzle game. There are 12 levels of this puzzle game for you to play! Within each picture, you will find various items that look like they do not belong. Not all of them are the hidden objects though. Check the list at the bottom of the game for the items to find. Once you find an item, a new one will appear in the list. Find all the items until there are none on the list. Some items may be a quick search but others will require you to zoom in to look through every tiny corner. You may even need to lift the bottom of the picture to see all the hidden objects. 


To play this puzzle game, look at the lower bar for the pinch or long click the screen to zoom into the screen. You can drag to move around the screen. If the circle in the righthand corner fills with green liquid, then you can use the hint button. The green liquid will start refilling once it has been used. If you click on the wrong item, you lose 5 seconds on the clock!

World Cruise Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJun 17, 2021
DeveloperNeon Games

18545 plays


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