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Game Description

Woodventure is a mahjong-style game for you to play. Play a character who is traveling through the forest looking for nature’s gifts! The tiles are decorated with forest animals like boars, foxes, birds, and bears. You will also find items like mushrooms, trees, leaves, and branches. Match up all the tiles to win this online game. There are several levels for you to play! Each level is timed with its own pattern to present a different challenge. Each level also offers its own power-ups to help you win the game faster or help you when you are stuck. This mahjong game doesn’t play the same rules as the classic game. Instead of finding to open tiles, you want to find two tiles that have no more than two breaks between them. Just picture how many 90 degree angles it will take to connect them with a line. If it’s more than two, then it’s no good! Play each level and try to beat your best score with every game! 


To play this puzzle game, find two matching tiles that have no more than two breaks between them. Use the hint options to find the next match, bomb to blast a random pair, and reshuffle the board.

Woodventure Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJul 8, 2021

20020 plays


9 months ago

Impeccable programming - kudos to the designer... the best mahjong connect, smooth & quick game play, no hesitations and mouse pointer clicks aren't picky, very responsive and not sensitive to motion. AND the animation graphics are quite cute lol!