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Unstack Balls



Game Description

Unstack Balls is a free puzzle game. Balls can be stacked and as incongruous and unholy as that statement sounds there is but another statement that is even more confounding: balls can be unstacked. It might seem impossible, it might seem unreasonable but it is true and we are here to prove it to you with but a single play of this game. Stacking and unstacking balls is as much of an art as it is a game. It is a sacred tradition that has been handed down for generations from one mystic to another and now we are handing it off to you. No one can be told what Ball Stacking is, you must experience it for yourself. And that is why we have published this game so that you can unstack balls in a particular and precise order. For in this game there are limits. You can't simply bring the balls out and fling them all willy nilly, no friend, you must drag them to precise points plotted and placed on a gridded map. If you are able to do that and do it in the right order then you'll be fine.


On your desktop computer please use your mouse to point and click on the ball of your choice. Then drag that ball in order to begin unstacking the tower. Unstack all of the towers in the correct order if you want to finish the leve.

Unstack Balls Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateDec 16, 2021
DeveloperElio Landa

11425 plays


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