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Tricky Fox



Game Description

Tricky Fox is a free platform-puzzle game. Everybody knows foxes are sly, smart, and Wiley, but will those skills be enough for this red fox to puzzle their way through level after challenging level of physics-based fun? In Tricky Fox, you take on the role of a fox who needs to jump their way through a variety of different platforms and block-based levels. After you land on a block it may disappear, it may require a second jump to completely disappear. Some levels require you to dodge or vanquish foes. Some levels will require you to dodge obstacles if you wish to finish the level. Each is its own unique and different way to play and will require you to use your problem-solving skills to the best of your ability. Learn to jump and stay on target in this platform-puzzle game where physics is your only friend and foxes are the type of people you run with. Play Tricky Fox today and see if you have the cunning it takes to leap your way up the leaderboard. Challenge your friends and see if they are smart like a fox or not. Jump for joy in this platform puzzle game which is part platformer, part physics, and all fun.


On your desktop computer use your Arrow Keys to move your fox back and forth or jump from one platform to another.

Tricky Fox Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateNov 26, 2020
DeveloperTM Nannnings

10680 plays


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