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Swipe A Car



Game Description

Swipe a Car is a fun sliding block game where you can show off your parking skills! You’re in a rush but your car is closed in by huge trucks in a parking lot. The goal is to get your car out of the parking lot by moving the other vehicles around like a puzzle. You’ll need to shuffle around the vehicles without blocking the exit for your own car. This online game has 40 levels of entertaining puzzles for you to solve. There’ a lot of trial and error but eventually you’ll be able to swipe out your car through the exit without any problems. Swipe a Car is a great casual game to play when you need a break from your action games.


To play this puzzle game, use your finger or mouse to slide the blocks one at a time. Move along your main car to and out the exit. To the right of the game, you’ll see your score, level, and time. You’ll also find the Pause button which gives you sound/music options and lets you go back to the menu. Once you solve the puzzle, submit your score to see how well you rank against other players.

Swipe A Car Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateSep 12, 2019
DeveloperNeon Games

22595 plays


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