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Spring Grabbers



Game Description

Spring Grabbers is a free puzzle game. Imagine a game just like mahjong except instead of tiles in an elaborate and multi-level display you have an assortment of symbols in a semi-organized grid. Now imagine that instead of simply clicking on the matching tiles and having them disappear like magic, you instead click on them, and then robot grabber hands mounted on springs fly in from the side of the screen to snatch them. It's great. We love it. Many people are saying that Spring Grabbers is a game that will inevitably replace Mahjong. We're not so sure about that but we're also not so sure that it's not true. Ultimately, only time will tell if Spring Grabbers replaces a game like Mahjong, certainly, the world is big enough for both but you really don't know. Times change, people change, the market shifts, and everything you thought you believed in gets tossed up and shaken around. Somewhere in the mess is a new truth, a new path forward, a brave new world born from the ash of the old. That world is Spring Grabbers and you and I are merely the players. Enjoy Spring Grabberss today, challenge your friends, and defeat your enemies. Play mobile or on your desktop and enjoy yourself.


On your desktop computer use your mouse to point and click on the matching symbols in order to activate the Spring Grabbers and have them disappeared. On your mobile device please use your finger to point and tap on the matching symbols in order to activate the spring grabbers to have them disappear the matching symbols.

Spring Grabbers Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateNov 4, 2021
DeveloperNeon Games

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