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Salazar is a unique matching game where your objective is to mix magical elements. The powerful warlock, Salazar, needs your help to create a mysterious potion that he needs for reasons unknown. As the magical assistant, your job is to mix together the right ingredients to create different items and gain points. There’s clovers, mushrooms, mystical stones, and green potions that need to be carefully added to create the most powerful item. Use your coins to purchase power-ups that you can use to help you if you are close to running out of moves. Power-ups include extra undos, element remover, a magnet, and a sorter. If you run out of moves, you’ll lose the game and disappoint your master. You also have the option to restart the game if you realize that you’re already heading that way. Submit your score to see if you’re one of the best magical assistants out there!


To play Salazar, connect three or more of the same item to create a different item. As you create more items, continue to combine the new items until you reach the objective. Purchase and use the power-ups to help you solve this puzzle game. Click on the pause button to go back home or turn off the sound.

Salazar Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJul 18, 2019

22100 plays


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