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Game Description

Rotamania is a free puzzle game. Rotate the pieces of the tiles until you get matching colors and shapes. When you get near the end, the mania sets in.


The board is filled with squares made of four small triangles of different colors. Your goal is to turn the squares clockwise or in another direction thus forming figures containing four or more triangles of the same color, that will then disappear. If you remove a whole column, it won't come to the board again. The game is over when all the figures are taken off the board or no more moves are possible.

Rotamania Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateFeb 14, 2005

178158 plays


over 3 years ago

kinda boring.


over 3 years ago

It's pretty good.


about 14 years ago

this game gets boring really fast..and hurts my head


over 14 years ago

interesting twist on the classic match games, i like it