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Pictoid is a free puzzle game. We hope you're prepared to enter a world of pictures, words, and the unholy synergy between the two. That synergy is you. That synergy occurs when you sit down, strap in, and decide that you will solve all of the puzzles laid out. And just what are these puzzles you might ask? well, we are glad you piped up and said something because Pictoid is one of our favorite new games and we're more than proud to talk about it and how it works. Pictoid is a word puzzle game with a unique twist. You must identify the secret picture by using the letters in the word, but the letters are limited and thus you can only truly use them one single time. Once you think you've figured out the big mystery behind the picture we simply ask that you enter your guess into the game. If you wind up being right, you get to go to the next puzzle. If you're wrong, then it's time to watch as a single life point is subtracted from your score.   Don't worry the genius brain that powers Pictoid will also keep track of your best scores so that you can try to beat it with each new round.





On your desktop computer please use your mouse to click on the letters that you think are best represented by the picture,.

Pictoid Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJan 6, 2022

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