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Capitals of South America



Game Description

Capitals of South America is a geography game that is available here on AddictingGames to advance your education. Locating countries is one thing, but knowing all the capitals of South America will really impress people. Do you know where the capital of Cayenne or Quito is? What Georgetown or Caracus? If you are completely stumped or you just want to show off your knowledge, Capitals of South America is the educational game for you. There is only 1 level and it only contains 14 questions. Even if you get it wrong, this online game will teach you along the way letting you know which capital you did select. Pay attention to these notes and get better with every round of this game. Geography doesn’t have to be boring when you have an interactive game like this one. The timer on the game lets you know how fast you finish the game each time.


To play this map game, click on the capital that the game asks of you. If you get it wrong, you will lose points from the 100 original points you initially have. Get it wrong 3 times, and the game will give you the answer. Play again until you manage to keep your 100 points.

Capitals of South America Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateNov 19, 2020
DeveloperPlay Geography

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