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Math Paradise



Game Description

Math Paradise is a math game combined with a bubble shooter game. This online game is optimized to work best on mobile devices but you can play from your computer too. Enter into in this magical paradise to find a group of bubbles you need to make disappear. The objective of the game is simple: Hit the bubble with the same color of the bubble. Once you match 3, they will disappear! Use your bombs to aim at bulky parts of the bubbles where it is difficult for you to find matches. Do not let the bubbles fall below the line on the screen. New bubbles will be added as you play to make the games more challenging. Play math skills in between your games to unlock the next level. You can practice your decimals, counting, addition, fractions, and many other math skills! 


To play this educational game, click on your grade and math skill of choice. Note that you can change your skill mid-game. Answer 5 math questions correctly to unlock a fun session of a bubble shooter game. To play the bubble shooter, use your mouse or finger to click and aim at the bubble. Ideally, you want to hit other bubbles of the same color. Once there are 3 or more matching bubbles connecting to each other they will disappear. Your objective is to make all the bubbles disappear.

Math Paradise Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateMay 13, 2021
DeveloperMath Games

8487 plays


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