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Mushroom Pop



Game Description

Mushroom Pop is a free puzzle blasting game. Mushrooms are good for you. Mushrooms are healthy, tasty and as this game proves, they can be a lot of fun. Mushroom Pop is a geometry puzzle-like pool with a little bit of the pool physics thrown in for good measure. But Mushroom Pop takes it to another level. In Mushroom Pop you're using the power of geometry and predictive reasoning to target which mushrooms to activate and target as you struggle to eliminate all of the mushrooms on the field. Mushroom Pop is a game about understanding cause and effect. It is a game about the nuance of arrows and the subtleties of the game's physics. In this game, the answer is staring at you the entire time. You don't have to find a piece of the puzzle, it's all there. Your job is to recognize it and figure out which mushroom to pop and when. This makes the game something of a rarity in the world of free online puzzle games. And it is as compelling as it is original. Mushroom Pop is a geometry game that will have you tripping on a whole other level.


Determine which mushroom must be popped in order to cause a chain reaction that will cause all of the other mushrooms to be popped. On your desktop computer use your mouse to click on and pop the mushroom. On your mobile device use your finger to tap on the mushroom you wish to pop.

Mushroom Pop Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateMay 6, 2021

15344 plays


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