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Game Description

Knots is a time-consuming and thought-provoking puzzle game where you unscramble knots. Play through various puzzles that have their own challenge with different colored knots and the number of tiles. Use the color of the knots as guides as you switch around the tiles to create the correct combination. Some of the colors will make shapes like triangles and circles. It is up to you to figure this out by paying attention to the bent and shape of each tile’s lines. The ties are set against a solid gray background to help you focus on the colors of the knots. This is a fun brainteaser for players who like to use their mind versus speed and force. Take your time with this casual game that has no timer and no scoreboard. It’s not about competing when it comes to Knots!  All you have to do is solve each puzzle to unlock the next challenge in this online puzzle game.


To play this puzzle game, click on the 2 tiles that you want to switch out with each other. The tiles do not have to be next to each in order to be switched. Connect the lines by matching the colors and connecting each line. Solve each puzzle in order to advance to the next one.

Knots Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateApr 30, 2020
DeveloperOnduck Games

47710 plays


over 3 years ago

I'm seeing what others are saying about the identical pieces not being in the "correct" spots. Kinda dumb y'all.


over 3 years ago

Solved level 15 and it won't do anything.


almost 4 years ago

Leaving on level 40. Too many identical sets.


almost 4 years ago

Nope. Fun until it isn't due to matching pieces. Left on level 28.


almost 4 years ago

I liked this game a lot, but, like others have said, you shouldn't have to put identical tiles in the right place. I didn't mind it too much initially, but now on #28 there are two pieces that have 2 instances each, and 2 pieces that have 3 instances each. Finding the right combination is ridiculous. It has taken all the fun out of the game! I have spent too much time trying unsuccessfully to get the right combination. Guess I'll do something else instead of trying #29. What a bummer....poor development.


almost 4 years ago

I really like the game. No reflexes needed, great on the mind. My only complaint is that it does not consider that there are similar pieces. If you two pieces with the same shape, they still have to be in the correct spot - not interchangeable. When you get to level 34, you cannot finish if you do not get lucky. I spent a good amount of time on that level and had to give up. I had the correct answer but there are a good number of same shape pieces and I just could not get them in the correct slot. Change that mistake and this becomes an awesome game.


almost 4 years ago

When you have three sets of identical tiles... it is very difficult to know which is right and which is wrong. You could end up switching the same sets over and over thousands of times until you get the right combination.

Francis Bouygues

about 4 years ago

Love it, but identical tiles shouldn't have only one right place. For exemple, the level 28 is unsolvable. There are 13 similar tiles (2x2x2x4x3). 96 solutions and 95 are wrong. Unplayable


about 4 years ago

I love this game, the only sticking point for me is that sometimes you solve the puzzle and you don't win. In other words, you have to switch any identical pieces to find the 1 combination that solves the puzzle. In my opinion, the game should either detect every winning combination, or the shapes should be adjusted so that there is only 1 combination. Example puzzle 28 there are 2 identical vertical green strips, two identical yellow and green curves (within the same hex) and three identical green curves at the bottom.