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6 months 1 week ago in

I do love this adaptation of a modern classic and in the last few weeks I've enjoyed many hours. I have noticed a recent bug that requires attention. PS I prefer to play against the Bots because they are quicker! In the last two days (09/03/21 onwards) I have noticed that the bots randomly leave the game, it's really frustrating when you are doing well and suddenly you end up winning by default. In addition to this (and I think these are related) the game sometimes says something on the line of lost connection - and you can never reconnect, refreshing the page loses the progress you have and there is no way to fix this. Please sort this issue out because I love this game but it's become unplayable recently :(

1 year 2 months ago in Traffic Racer 3D

I like this game, however, the game sticks which is annoying, and when it catches up you've probably ended up crashing.

1 year 2 months ago in Medieval Defense Z

Great game, wish it was longer :)

1 year 2 months ago in Zombie Arena

This is great to fun to play, I figured out a way to survive indefinitely but unfortunately after a few rounds the game crashes/ runs out of memory. It would be good if this could be fixed so that I could post a higher score ;)

1 year 4 months ago in Knots

I love this game, the only sticking point for me is that sometimes you solve the puzzle and you don't win. In other words, you have to switch any identical pieces to find the 1 combination that solves the puzzle. In my opinion, the game should either detect every winning combination, or the shapes should be adjusted so that there is only 1 combination. Example puzzle 28 there are 2 identical vertical green strips, two identical yellow and green curves (within the same hex) and three identical green curves at the bottom.