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Game Description

Dumbpocalypse is a free game. The world is getting dumber. So dumb in fact that it might lead to the end of the world itself. Unless of course someone with the foresight to avoid obvious disasters is able to step forward and take control of the world's direction before it is too late. This is the premise of Dumbpocalypse, a type of puzzle game where you will have to make decisions based on limited information and hope you've somehow intuited the right answer. The clues are everywhere, you just need to pay attention and think critically. Easier said than done, but not impossible. Dumbpocalypse is the only game desktop game that lets you save the world by simply not doing the obviously dumb thing. It is a novel idea. This game is part strategy, part critical thinking, part role-playing, and all fun. It is the kind of game you'll want to share with your friends just to see if they are as dumb as you think./ They probably are, but with this game, you'll be able to prove it one way or another for good.


Pay attention to all of the in-game clues so that when the time comes to making your choice you'll be able to avoid catastrophe instead of being responsible for it.

Dumbocalypse Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJan 23, 2020
DeveloperMonish Vyas

99383 plays


about 3 years ago

I kept on asking to find more games like this and kept playing this for a year!

female springtrap

over 3 years ago

good good x)


over 3 years ago

love it


almost 4 years ago

That was fun I'm glade I played it!!!


about 4 years ago

Funny I enjoyed it I think you should play it


about 4 years ago

love this game #fun

King Herobrine1

about 4 years ago

This game is awesome


about 4 years ago

i like it even though its a border patrol game