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Game Description

Wothan Escape is a free action game with multiple levels of puzzles to solve. Wothan is trapped in a dark and dangerous dungeon and it’s your job to help him escape. Wothan is strong and agile with the ability to jump and climb against walls. Use his powerful strength to hop over obstacles and climb up to the door. Be careful of moving spikes and other dangerous obstacles as you help Wothan climb out of the dungeon to freedom. Collect all 3 coins as you help Wothan get to the door. There are 20 levels of this online action game waiting to be solved by you. If you hit an obstacle, there are no extra lives and you lose that level. Don’t worry, you can play each level as many times as you’d like until you pass through the door or until you collect all 3 coins.


To play this free action game, click on the screen to start running and then again whenever you need to jump. You can run and bounce on the walls by clicking on the screen. Try to avoid spikes and other obstacles. Collect all 3 coins along the way before you reach the door.

Wothan Escape Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateMar 5, 2020
DeveloperOnduck Games

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