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Neon Blitz



Game Description

Neon Blitz is a free action game where you’re bouncing a block off the walls. No tutorial is needed for this instant game where you just hit the ground running. This online game’s animation is decorated with various blues that will glow off your screen. As soon as you click on the game, the action starts! Bounce off the walls back and forth while avoiding dangerous obstacles. There are flying bullets and spinning spiked wheels that are looking to destroy your box. Your objective is to avoid getting hit while also collecting stars to further your score. At the end of each game, you’ll see your most recent score as well as your best score. Select the crown icon from the main menu to dropdown the scoreboards and see where you stand. Play the game again until you end up at the number one spot. There’s no resting with this online game that is fast-paced and loads of fun. You can play this online on your mobile phone or your desktop computer!


To play this free action game, use your mouse or finger to click on the screen to prompt your block to bounce off the walls. Collect stars and avoid obstacles to increase your score.

Neon Blitz Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateMar 12, 2020

23229 plays


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