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Mr Pong



Game Description

Mr. Pong is an avoider game. Hello, and meet Mr. Pong. Mr, Pong is an avoider. He likes to avoid spikes, as do we all. In order to avoid these spikes and hold on to what is left of his life, Mr. Pong needs you to click responsibly as you guide him from one marshmellow to another marshmellow while avoiding the black spikes which line the side of the screen. Remember, the spikes are bad and the marshmallows are good. Mr. Pong is a physics game that depends on your ability to navigate the game with but a few clicks of your mouse. The physics engine is this game is predictable but not realistic. You'll have to spend time trying to gauge the sensitivity of each click before you can truly master this puzzling strategy game and rocket your way up the leader board. The leader board is the only true measure of a person's worth. In order to conquer it you'll have to work with the physics of the game and defeat the game altogether.


Use your mouse to click on the screen and activate the floating and falling of Mr. Pong. You want to work with the physics of the game and help guide him from one marshmellow to the other marshmellow.

Mr Pong Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateNov 21, 2019

21056 plays


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