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Line Dash



Game Description

Line Dash is a puzzle game where your objective is to get the ball in the hoop. This is not a sports game but rather a brainteaser game where you have to figure the best path for the ball to get into the hoop. This online game has simple animation against a black-gray background and with blue path lines. Paint white path lines to help roll or bounce the ball into the designated hoop. Each game gives you a limited amount of lines you can draw. You have to decide where to place them and how long they should be. Sometimes there is more than one ball and you need to figure out more than one path. Sometimes there is no clear path and you need to work with bouncers and portals. There are 36 levels for you to solve! At the end of each game, your score is submitted. Check out the leaderboards to see who else solved all 36 levels of this fun and interesting online game!


To play this puzzle game, look in the mid-top to see how many lines you have to use. If you get stuck or get it wrong, you can restart the game with the icon in the upper left corner.

Line Dash Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateApr 9, 2020

34375 plays


over 4 years ago

Line Dash, very good, slow start.