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Game Description

Blumon is a free clicker game where your objective is to travel through a microscopic world. Your character is a microbe who is traveling through a small but dangerous world full of viruses, bacteria, and other organisms. Blumon is a round and blue single-cell organism that is just trying to mind his own business while floating around a tiny ecosystem. Blumon can bounce onto harmless microbes of bright and transparent colors like green and red. However, Blumon needs to stay away from the dark-colored pathogens with angry faces that will make him sick and slow him down. Per each game, you have 3 lives which are presented by the medicine capsules at the top of the screen. The further you travel, the better your score. Once you lose all 3 of our lives, your score is automatically submitted to the leaderboards. Rise up the scoreboards as you play, again and again, beating your best score each time. This is a fun and casual online game that you can play on your computer or phone.


To play this free clicker game, use your fingers or your arrow keys to shift Blumon left and right. Avoid viruses but bounce into the colored microbes.

Blumon Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateMar 5, 2020
DeveloperOnduck Games

19238 plays


about 4 years ago

It is a good game :)