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Game Description

Restart is a free platform puzzle game.  At the heart of "Restart" lies a mystical Beacon and its ability to resurrect and suck you back to it upon your untimely death. These ancient beacons aren't checkpoints but strategically placed reincarnation machines sprinkled throughout each level. When you touch a Beacon, it becomes a magnet for the reincarnation of your soul. Your soul is then drawn back through the game's obstacles, passing through walls, spikes, and other obstacles. If you press the Down key during this transcendental drift, your character will stop and drop on that spot. 

That's the game. 

By planning your own death and where it will happen, you can use the beacons to warp you through the level. The beacons will pull you up or down through stone spikes and always back towards the beacon. "Restart" is not your typical platformer; it's a game that turns the very concept of failure into a strategic advantage. Embrace the ghostly world and race to the finish line in a mesmerizing world filled with intricate-level designs and daunting obstacles. The catch? You have to die to win over and over again. Instead of avoiding dangers, you'll learn to embrace them head-on! 

To succeed in "Restart," you must master the art of sacrifice. Embrace the spikes, leap into peril, and let your character meet a ghostly end. Play "Restart" now and unlock the secrets of the spectral world!


Use the Arrow pad to move left or Right Press the Up key to jump, and press it twice to double jump. Your goal is to make it to the rotating white square. Sometimes, to complete your objective, you must sacrifice yourself and jump into the spikes. After you hit the spikes your body will be drawn back to the last beacon you touched. Your body will float through all obstacles. At that time, if you press the down key you will stop where you are.

Restart Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateSep 28, 2023
DeveloperUntitled INC

39 plays


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