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Dog Fight 2




Game Description

War never ends! At least not in this 2-D dog fight extraordinaire! Get ready to toast some bogies and pull off some high flying stunts as you out shoot, out fly, and outlive your opponents! This is a 2-d game where you take on the role of a Red Baron from the first world war. Besides mastering aeronautical feats of the fantastic, you will have to take deadly aim at your opponents, all without the advantage of target lock, machine guns, or any kind of computer-aided fire control system! It's just you, your ship and your wits!


W,A,S,D: Up, Down, Left and Right Spacebar: Open fire. X: Drop bombs. Try to save your bombs for when you get a bogey on your tail and can't shake them. You'll have to learn how to fly so you don't accidentally smash into the ground. Move fast and learn evasive maneuvers. This is your war and only you can save yourself!

Dog Fight 2 Gameplay

Content RatingTeen+
Release DateJun 22, 2009
DeveloperRock Solid Arcade

11023393 plays


over 5 years ago

yay i killed some morons


over 5 years ago

wost game ever i didt enven pass leval 3

dude wuzup

over 5 years ago

wish it had like real online


over 5 years ago

why whould i rime lame game if i didnt like it


over 5 years ago

whos with meeeeee &$£? the britsh


over 5 years ago

what it is niqqas! aight game


over 5 years ago

what happened to my comment?


over 5 years ago

well im not and im on add games


over 5 years ago

very good easy to beat


over 5 years ago

very fun! very addicting!