Gross Games

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Gross games are games for players with a strong stomach. There's vomit, guts, and other grotesque elements that would make any normal person nauseous. If you don't get grossed out easily, check out gross games here on AddictingGames.

Zombie Massacre

Super Bloody Finger Jump

Slay with Santa

Junkyard Rampage

Jelly Escape - Qky Games

1000 Degree Heated Knife Game


Toilet War

Zomburger 2: Market Revenge

Cannibal Cafe

Code Red

Zombie Invasion

Hobo 7: Heaven

Hobo 6: Hell

Hobo 5: Space Brawls

Hobo 4: Total War

Hobo 3: Wanted


Zombie Warrior Man

Paris Rex


Zombie Train

Toxic Town

In The Dark Dark Place

Zombie Cops of London

Infinity Inc.


Slaughterhouse Escape Deluxe

Infectonator 2

Booger Wheels

Friday the 24th

Appendix Surgery

Ear Surgery

Knee Surgery

Leg Surgery

Brain Surgery