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Ant Buster



Game Description

Use your vast array of cannons to keep the ants from stealing all your cake and ruining your day in this tower defense game. It’s often said that when faced with a problem that it’s important to bring the right tool for the job. So if you’re ever at a picnic, and you find yourself having to fend off an endless swarm of ants, then hopefully you brought along your ant-sized collection of cannons. Then, it’s just a matter of preventing the ants from reaching the delicious and feasting on it before you can.


Playing this game is easy. Just place towers strategically and take care of the ants before they’re able to reach the cake, and if they do, stop them before they make it back to their anthill. Cannons can be placed quite freely, but you’re not able to maze too effectively. (Ants are small, after all!) Each cannon can be upgraded in a variety of ways, down a variety of paths. The difficulty of Ant Buster comes from being able to counter the ant’s erratic movement. It’s hard to predict how they’ll behave, or the paths they’ll take. This makes them difficult to hit for your cannons. But practice makes perfect, so if at first, you don’t succeed, try try again.

Ant Buster Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateMay 24, 2007
DeveloperR Stein

9135691 plays


3 months ago

LVL 82!! Hours of playing time tho


over 3 years ago

I wish it was mobile friendly


over 4 years ago

wont load


about 5 years ago

you went up to lvl 75


about 5 years ago

you should be able to move guns


about 5 years ago

you proprably hacked it luckylucas77


about 5 years ago

ya its alright


about 5 years ago

wow i failed cake over at lvl 8


about 5 years ago

will always love this game


about 5 years ago

very funn!