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Halloween Bats



Game Description

Halloween Bats is a scary shooting game. Its that time of the year again. Halloween is here and it has brought a flock of bats to terrorize you. In Halloween Bats, you'll have to smash the bats before the bats can smash you. Each bat flies towards the screen and you must find them and stop them before they can reach your home base. Watch out for witches, zombie hands, spiders, and cats as they scurry across the screen. Each of these obstacles will try to stop you from completing your goal of destroying the bats. If you accidentally smash a cat, a spider, a witch, or a jack-o-lantern instead of the bats your turn will be over. So, be very careful. You will have to move fast but also be careful. The bats are sneaky and will try to trick you into accidentally hitting one of the forbidden obstacles. This is a game of skill, timing, and reflexes. Do you have what it takes to swat back the batty Halloween hordes? Find out as you smack bats and stack points. Hop on a broom and rid your way to the top of the leaderboard in this thrilling bat stomping casual game.


Us your mouse or your finger to smack the bats before they reach your castle. Each bat you hit successfully is worth points and will splatter upon impact. Watch out for the cats, spiders, witches, zombie hands, and Jack-o-lanterns as they float by in an attempt to distract you.

Halloween Bats Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateOct 31, 2019

21084 plays


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