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The Archers



Game Description

The Archers is a free shooting game that you can play with your buddy! Play as a cool archer dress in an awesome costume that helps conceal your identity. Dynamic music pumps you up as you compete outside in a bare and natural setting. You and your opponent stand on boulders that will vary in height creating a challenge with every turn. This is a two-player game so invite your best friend or your sibling to join in on the fun. Your objective is not to kill your opponent but rather to show off your amazing skills. Hit the apple on the top of your opponent’s head and avoid killing them. In fact, if you do hit them, you don’t get any points and you lose your turn. If you keep hitting the apple, you get the chance to hit it again until you miss it. Don’t have a friend over right now? Don’t worry! Select training and choose between timed or untimed training so that you become the best archer out there!


To play this free shooting game, click and hold while you move up and down to get the right angle. Then let go and hope your arrow pierces through the apple on your enemy. Your score can be seen at the top of the screen over each character.

The Archers Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateFeb 20, 2020

115851 plays


over 2 years ago

I really like the game


almost 4 years ago

good game man


almost 4 years ago

i like this game

LG Bryce

almost 4 years ago

I lIke This Game