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Stupid Zombies



Game Description

Stupid Zombies is a shooting puzzle game. If you like physics, like shooting, like puzzles, and hate zombies then this is the perfect game for you. In Stupid Zombies, you are a shotgun-wielding hero named Soot who is humanity's last chance against the invading hordes of Zombies. Soot stands alone against the endless tides of zombies and has very limited ammo to actually take them down. In order to effectively stop the phalanx of zombie infantry, Soot will need your help to maximize every last bullet and make sure he can rank up multiple hits with only one shot.

In order to optimize your limited supply of ammunition, you'll have to use the mysterious magic of physics in order to bounce, ricochet and deflect each shot so that it maximizes itself to the fullest and takes out as many Stupid Zombies as possible. Aim at the walls, aim at the floor, aim at the ceiling. Blow up gasoline-filled barrels to destroy multiple zombies at once and get the hard to reach critters by blasting a brick at them.  This is the Zombie apocalypse and Soot needs your help to save the world. Are you up for it?


Use your mouse to aim the reticule at either the zombies or the walls, and objectss throughout the level which might riccochet the bullet to where you want it to go. Conserve ammo and stop the zombie invasion.

Stupid Zombies Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateMar 19, 2020
DeveloperMarket JS

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over 3 years ago

Fun game


about 4 years ago

very nice