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Destroy Boxes



Game Description

Destroy Boxes is a fun and casual shooter game where (you guessed it) destroy boxes! Get rid of all your frustrations and stress by destroying boxes in this unique online game. The game is set against a blue-gray background with an orange cannon that both twirls and goes in a circle. Yellow boxes of all sizes will fall out of the sky that you absolutely must destroy before they fall off the screen. On top of not letting them get away, you can’t run into them which can be hard when you can’t control your cannon’s movements. As you twirl, shoot all around you making sure to catch any yellow box. At the end of each game session, you’ll see your most recent and best score. Play again to beat out your own score each time and to rise up the leaderboards. This is an instant game that you can play without a tutorial or instructions--it’s that simple! 


To play this shooter game, just click on the screen to shoot your cannon. Do not allow a box to fall off-screen or run into your cannon. Click on the high scores button to view your rank against other shooters on AddictingGames.

Destroy Boxes Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateDec 12, 2019

19146 plays


over 4 years ago

wrst game in the wrld


over 4 years ago

sometimes when i will shoot it does not shoot

Kitty Catty

over 4 years ago

Boring as