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Country Shooting



Game Description

Country Shooting is a free target game. Welcome to one of the greatest free shooting games available for free online and on your mobile device. Country shooting is a game about the power and beauty of operating a shotgun to shoot bottles. Test your aim, sharpen your aim. Have fun as you set your sites high and aim for the top of the leader board. Pull the trigger on a good time in this country-themed shooting game. A game about shooting bottles in your backyard. Each level you will progress to more and more bottles in different parts of the screen. Some big, some small, some moving, some still. It is a fun system where you level up your shooting skills one level at a time in a game that becomes progressively harder. Do you have the sharp-shooting aim required to blast those bottles and ensure that you'll be the number one bumpkin in the country? Find out and prove it in this addicting and free shooting game.


On desktop use your mouse to click, hold and then drag the target around the screen. Release the left mouse button to fire. On mobile press your finger on the screen and keep it there as you drag around to aim. Release in order to fire.

Country Shooting Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJun 4, 2020
DeveloperMarket JS

59726 plays


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