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Christmas Balls



Game Description

Christmas Balls is a cute shooter game with a Christmas twist! For those of you who like shooter games but hate violence and gore, this is the perfect shooter game for you. This shooter game is set against a mint green background with fir trees along the sides as snow falls down. The objective of the online game is simple: aim at the bells in the middle of the spinning wreath. The wreath has an opening that you must wait for because shooting any part of it will cause you to lose the game. On top of hitting the center, to gain points, you must hit an oscillating gold star. To keep things interesting, sometimes the wreath will start spinning in the opposite direction so stay alert. This is an easy game, so just click on the screen and start playing!


To play this cute shooter game, click on the screen to shoot the Christmas ornament out of the cannon and hit the bells in the middle. Avoid hitting the wreath but do hit the star along your path to gain star points. At the end of each game, you’ll see your best and most recent score. Click on the trophy icon in the upper lefthand corner to see where you rank on this online Christmas game.

Christmas Balls Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateDec 24, 2019

32147 plays


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