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Space Connect is a far-out puzzle game. Have you ever wanted to escape the surly bonds of Earth? Have you ever wanted to roam the stars, discover new life and new civilizations? Do you feel trapped on a beautiful but small planet that doesn't have the required resources to blast you off in a proper fashion? Well, thanks to Space Connect, you will want no more! In Space Connect you are an ambitious director of flight and discovery. Your job is to direct a variety of different kinds of space ship to intersect with each other and reach their full potential so they can take off into the cosmos. You will have to use cunning, keep your mind open, stay sharp, and keep your eye on the floating space craft in order to properly connect them for manned space flight beyond the stars. You may not be able to go yourself, but at least with Space Connect, you'll be able to experience the visceral thrills and adventure of exploration as you take control of an entire fleet of ships. In space, there is no horizon, only more void. Vacant and waiting for you to discover it. Get started today!


Use your eyes to find the matching spaceships and then use your mouse to click on them and connect them. You'll have to clear a path so they can get together to explore the universe.

Space Connect Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJul 4, 2019
DeveloperNeon Games

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