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Game Description

Press To Push is a free puzzle game. The world is one big interlocking mechanism and it needs you to press the right buttons, push the right blocks and connect it all together. In this puzzling game of cause and effect, you'll be in charge of making all the right moves to keep it all together. Every button you press and every block you push will bring you one step closer to connecting everything and solving the ultimate mystery of life, the game, and everything in-between. Get various blocks from point A to point B with but a click of your fingers and a tap of your mouse. As the levels go on the puzzles become harder and harder. The number of buttons and blocks you need to press and connect will become increasingly complex and you'll need to pay attention to figure out the order everything needs to be pressed, pushed, dropped, and overturned. Press To Push is a fun puzzle game for fun puzzle people who love fun!


On your desktop computer or mobile device, you can use your finger to tap or your mouse to point and click on the buttons and push the blocks. Your goal is to order them and drop them off in the appropriate order.

Press To Push Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateAug 19, 2021
DeveloperCastello Games

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