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Game Description

Piles of Tiles is an online mahjong game with a unique concept. While this online game follows the basic rules of mahjong, there is an additional challenge to the online game. Find two matching and free stones to make them disappear. However, these piles of tiles are depending on each other to stay up. If you knock out two stones, then others will come falling down adding a challenge to this online puzzle game. This may cover other stones and reduce the number of free tiles. Or it may free up some other tiles. There are 30 levels to this mahjong game and every level is a different obstacle. Submit your score to see your ranking and if you’re not satisfied, then play the game again


To play this puzzle game, select two matching and free stones. A free stone is one that has at least one adjacent side open and is not covered by another stone. For easy playing, the game will highlight the stones that can be played. Use the options in the righthand panel to take a hint or shuffle the tiles. If the game detects no more moves available, it will auto-shuffle at no cost to your score.

Piles of Tiles Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateSep 2, 2021
DeveloperNeon Games

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