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Parking Puzzle



Game Description

Parking puzzle is a free puzzle game. Many people say that we live in a concrete jungle. The science on this isn't settled but for the sake of argument let us say that we do indeed live in a concrete jungle. OK well, that would make something like parking really important. That would mean that parking is as important as being a hunter-gatherer or a powerful warrior. This concept is best exemplified in the game Parking Puzzle. Because puzzles are the cerebral versions of feats of strength in the wilderness. OK, so any way in this game you will need to figure out how to park multiple cars in different spaces. The color of the car must match the color of the space they are being parked in and you must do it in the correct order. It is difficult but that is in many ways what makes it fun. So, have fun in this cool puzzle game. Park some cars. It is a true test of your spatial recognition and also your ability to strategize and plan ahead.


On your mobile or desktop device please use your finger to tap and drag or your mouse to point, click and drag.

Parking Puzzle Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateApr 28, 2022
DeveloperCastello Games

24193 plays


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