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Memo Flip



Game Description

Memo Flip is a free clicker game. You must follow the leader. Memo Flip is a game about memory, patterns, and your ability as a player to remember and re-create the patterns laid out for you to duplicate. The game starts off easy and it starts off fast. You will be pointing, clicking, tapping, and swiping your way through the first few levels, barely even aware that the patterns are becoming more intricate, the time is going faster, and the game is becoming much more complex. This is very much the boiling frog of games. It is all fun and games at first and then it goes insane. It gets faster and the patterns become more and more obtuse. your ability to react to this ongoing toughness is going to be what separates you between the winners and the losers in life. Just take a look at the leaderboard and see who is the real winner. When it comes to leaderboards there can be no denying what is real and what is not. The numbers in this game do not lie. Strive for perfection and settle for the fun that this game will engender.


On your mobile computer or desktop device please use your mouse or finger to select and tap the squares and boxes in the exact sequence in which the game revealed them to you.

Memo Flip Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJun 17, 2021

13454 plays


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